Dashboard for Trello

Advanced Kanban analytics built over your entire Trello board history

Cumulative Flow Diagram
for Trello

Assess your workflow efficiency. LEARN MORE

cumulative flow diagram for trello

Cycle Time Scatterplot
for Trello

Fast-track your service delivery. LEARN MORE

cycle time scatterplot for trello

Cycle Time Histogram
for Trello

Forecast delivery dates with confidence. LEARN MORE

cycle time histogram for trello

Aging Chart
for Trello

Track the progress of your tasks. LEARN MORE

aging chart for trello

Throughput Run Chart
for Trello

Maintain a stable, predictable delivery. LEARN MORE

throughput chart for trello

Throughput Histogram
for Trello

Evaluate and improve your team productivity. LEARN MORE

throughput histogram for trello

Why Add Nave on Trello?

real-time dashboards

Insightful Visual Dashboards

We've enhanced the industry-standard Kanban charts to help you deliver value in a faster, more predictable manner.

real-time dashboards

Live Updates

Nave syncs your data in real time. Any change on your Trello board will instantly be visible across our graphs.

real-time dashboards

Tailored Pricing

Our pricing plans are tailored for all business sizes. Choose the right one for you depending on the number of boards you need.

real-time dashboards

Complete Trello Board History

Track, compare, and improve upon your complete process history. Nave syncs all data from the moment you've created your Trello board to date.

real-time dashboards

Limitless Access

Every Trello user on your board gets full access to Nave. Collaborate and improve together without limits.

real-time dashboards

State-of-the-art Design

Using Nave is effortless. We've designed a seamless user experience that takes you straight to the essence of your data.

Help your team reach their full potential with Nave!

See a dashboard with your data