Dashboard for VersionOne

Unleash your potential with Kanban dashboards for VersionOne

Cumulative Flow Diagram
for VersionOne

Increase the predictability of your workflow. LEARN MORE

cumulative flow diagram for versionone

Cycle Time Scatterplot
for VersionOne

Meet your deadlines every time. LEARN MORE

cycle time scatterplot for versionone

Cycle Time Histogram
for VersionOne

Analyse how cycle time trends build over time. LEARN MORE

cycle time histogram for versionone

Aging Chart
for VersionOne

Identify the slowest stages of your process. LEARN MORE

aging chart for versionone

Throughput Run Chart
for VersionOne

Explore your past throughput. LEARN MORE

throughput chart for versionone

Throughput Histogram
for VersionOne

Maximise your team productivity. LEARN MORE

throughput histogram for versionone

Get deep insights from your Kanban process

real-time dashboards

Essential Kanban charts

We have enhanced the industry standard analytical charts for Kanban to help your team reach their full potential!

real-time dashboards

Flexible pricing model

Pay only for what you use! Pricing is calculated according to the number of your active users in VersionOne. Inactive users are free of charge.

real-time dashboards

Unlimited analytics

Create as many dashboards for as many VersionOne boards as you need. We give you full access to all our charts and features.

real-time dashboards

Real-time synchronisation

See your progress real-time! Data is synced automatically so any changes in your VersionOne board are instantly reflected in your graphs.

real-time dashboards

Complete historical data

We sync all VersionOne data from the date of board creation so you can analyse your past performance from the very beginning!

real-time dashboards

Optimal user experience

We cherish your time, that's why we have designed state-of-the-art user experience. Nave gets you straight to the essence of your data!

Help your team reach their full potential with Nave!

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