For Agile Teams Equip Your Favorite Tool with Kanban Analytics

Drive efficiencies and spot bottlenecks at a glance with Nave's immersive dashboards so you can manage the work, not your people.



Get Actionable Insights Straight From Your Kanban Board Data

Advanced Kanban Charts

Advanced Kanban Charts

Create a customized view of your data with enhanced industry-standard analytical charts to help you improve your performance. Nave gives you the ability to choose the best chart for each data set.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited Access

Unlimited means unlimited. Every member you bring on board will be granted full access to Nave so you can improve and evolve together.

Real-time Synchronization

Real-Time Synchronization

See your progress in real time! Data is synced automatically so any changes in your Kanban board are instantly reflected in your graphs.

Complete Historical Data

Complete Historical Data

Ensure you make the right decision for your organization. We sync all data from the date of board creation so you can analyze your past performance from the very beginning.

Optimal User Experience

Optimal User Experience

We cherish your time, that's why we have designed a state-of-the-art user experience. Nave gets you straight to the essence of your data!

Tailored to Your Business Needs

Tailored to Your Business Needs

Pick from our four plans, each with a different number of boards, so you can choose the way you navigate your flow.

Start With What You Do Now

Start Where You Are

Don't make any drastic changes moving along the path of business agility. We recommend Keeping your current tools and slowly improving by applying small evolutionary changes.

Evaluate your progress and assess your improvement efforts with Nave's Kanban analytics suite within your favorite platform.

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Cruise Ship


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Unlimited Continuous Forecasting Dashboards

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Driving efficiency and spotting bottlenecks at a glance has never been easier with Nave's Executive Dashboard!



Amanda Varella

Kanban Coach and Trainer

For years I've been looking for an easy way to gather delivery metrics. It always involved scripting, spreadsheets, and cumbersome processes. When I started using Nave I felt that I finally found what I was looking for. A tool easy to use, with real-time sync and great interface, which is helping me save a lot of time. In the market, there are great Kanban tools, but usually, companies have already their preferred ones. Nave came to fill a gap in the Kanban way: you don't need to change your preferred tool to have access to good processes metrics.

Jeff Mikres

Senior Director at Ramsey Solutions

Before Nave, if you had said to me 'Hey, how are your 60 teams doing?' you'd get different answers depending on who you talked to, and we didn't have any data to prove anything. Now, we can show that a team needs more QA people, based on looking at the data. Those are real, tangible benefits that we've been able to see.


Eduardo Pinzon

Delivery Manager at Syngenta Digital

I'm able to forecast delivery dates using our past performance data. I just look at the chart and see that in 85% of cases, we fixed critical-priority bugs in less than 3 days! When a new high-priority bug comes up, we now know how to answer our client's biggest question: 'When will it be done?’

Reinaldo Simizu

Agile Coach at Matera

We had a developer leave the team right in the middle of a huge project. The typical behavior in this situation would be to bring another developer on board, but instead, we simply kept managing the flow and checking Nave, only to find out that we were having almost the same delivery cadence.


Francine Souza

Agile Project Manager at ArcTouch

A few months later we checked the graphs again and we could see huge improvements in the number of issues. We managed to reduce the time tickets spent in the QA phase, and the lines on the Cumulative Flow Diagram were increasing constantly as they should.

John Paul de Guzman

Founder of Frost Design and Consulting Group

I don't think I'm ever going back to any of my previous practices. It transformed us into an organization that looks at metrics that matter, and that can tell where things need improving.