Our Product Roadmap

Did you ever wonder what’s cooking behind the doors of Nave laboratory?
Now you can take a peek inside.

In the future

In the Future

Here reside the ideas that we’re actively exploring, and are really excited about putting into action.

Enable Jira Work Management (Business Project) Support

We’ll enable company-managed projects in Nave for Jira to support teams from different industries such as Marketing, HR, Finance, Legal, Design, Operations, Sales and others. Now, with Nave, the sky is the limit!

Provide the Possibility to Customize Your Dashboard

With this update, you’ll be able to customize your dashboards by adding or removing widgets on your home page to keep it streamlined and focused on what matters the most in your own context.

Slack Notifications

One thing that a lot of teams have asked for recently is the ability to set alarms based on predefined thresholds i.e. WIP limits, cycle time on a certain percentile, throughput rate per week, etc.

We’ll integrate Nave with Slack to send you instant notifications when your performance is declining to help you put a finger on the pulse of your work.

Coming soon

Coming Soon

The items in this list made it to the top 10 most valuable features to our customers.

Continuous Forecasting with Monte Carlo

You’ll be able to make snapshots of your Monte Carlo predictions on a regular basis to evaluate whether you're on track with your initial commitments. You can learn more about the concept of continuous forecasting here → https://getnave.com/blog/continuous-forecasting/

Tracking Sprint Views in Azure DevOps

If you use tasks instead of stories to manage your work in Azure DevOps, you won’t be able to track the performance of your workflows at Nave. With this update, we will enable the support of Sprint Views in ADO to help you to track your work performance on a sprint level.

Enable Cycle Time Scatterplot with a Start Date

When you’re just starting out and decide to limit work in process, the positive impact on your performance won’t be immediately visible.

When the WIP limits are applied to a system with many work items already in progress, you will only observe a decrease in your cycle time once all the outstanding work items (started before the introduction of the WIP limits) are finished.

We believe that if we visualize your completed items by their Start Date, it will enable you to make an objective assessment about how introducing that practice is actually affecting your performance.

Recently launched

Recently Launched

We deliver new features on a daily basis; here's a snapshot of what we’ve launched recently.

05 Oct, 2022

Blocked Time Listed in the Aging Chart

To easily analyze the impact of blockers on your tasks while you’re still working on them, we’ve included your blocked time in the task details.

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1 Jul, 2022

Dashboard level permissions

We enabled permissions on a dashboard level so you can specify which users are allowed to access it in one central space.

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12 May, 2022

Jira Work Management Support

We enabled work management project support for our Jira users. You can now connect your business projects to Nave. Enjoy!

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