Our Product Roadmap

Did you ever wonder what’s cooking behind the doors of Nave laboratory?
Now you can take a peek inside.

In the future

In the Future

Here reside the ideas that we’re actively exploring, and are really excited about putting into action.

Excluding non-working time from the analytics

You will be able to define your working hours, and have the cycle time calculations only take these hours into account. This provides the possibility to exclude non-working time from your analytics.

Search filter options

We’ll provide the ability to search through your filters on the right sidebar to make the filter user interface easier to use while maintaining longer filter lists of options.

Coming soon

Coming Soon

The items in this list made it to the top 10 most valuable features to our customers.

Improved user’s management flow

We introduce more granular permissions levels for each user in your account. You’ll be able to assign people to manage your account users and billing. You can also specify who can create dashboards and who can view, edit or delete certain dashboards on your account.

Timeline of a card’s lifecycle

In the details view for each card, we will add a timeline, showing the times your task spent in each process state. If the card moves back and forth, sections with the same color will appear on the timeline to enable you to analyze the lifecycle of the card in your process.

Introducing standard deviation

We will introduce the standard deviation calculations for the Cycle Time Histogram and Throughput Histogram to help you identify outliers in your data and dig further to spot the root causes of the bottlenecks in your system.

Recently launched

Recently Launched

We deliver new features on a daily basis; here's a snapshot of what we’ve launched recently.

15 May, 2020

Azure DevOps: Split columns on your Kanban board

When split, each column on your Kanban board in Azure DevOps contains two sub-columns, Doing and Done. Nave supports that concept now, and you're able to map and track your sub-columns to gain greater visibility into the number of items that sit idle at each state throughout your workflow.Learn more

8 May, 2020

Introducing the Due Date Performance Chart

The Due Date Performance Chart will help you evaluate your due date performance by comparing the time between the start date and due date of a task with the actual time it took to deliver your work. Learn more

30 Apr, 2020

Azure DevOps: Query data for all subareas

When you select a root area path while creating a dashboard for ADO, we will sync the data from both the root path and all its children paths. Learn more

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