Our Product Roadmap

Did you ever wonder what’s cooking behind the doors of Nave laboratory?
Now you can take a peek inside.

In the future

In the Future

Here reside the ideas that we’re actively exploring, and are really excited about putting into action.

Analyze epics and all their children issues

We'll enable the option to perform analysis on individual epics and get statistics for only those sub-tickets associated with the selected epic.

Coming soon

Coming Soon

The items in this list made it to the top 10 most valuable features to our customers.

Throughput scale in the Monte Carlo diagrams

Scale factor on the Monte Carlo diagrams will allow for those occasions where you know your throughput is likely to increase or decrease, for example when you gain or lose a team member, during the summer holidays, etc.

Jira: Exclude non-working time from the charts

You will be able to define your working hours, and have the cycle time calculations only take these hours into account to exclude non-working time from your analytics.

Enable blocker clustering

With this update you'll be able to perform blocker clustering to analyze the reasons behind your blocked work and the impact they have on your delivery time.

Recently launched

Recently Launched

We deliver new features on a daily basis; here's a snapshot of what we’ve launched recently.

17 Sep, 2020

Enable blocked time on the Cycle Time Breakdown chart

We have enabled blocked time tracking on your Cycle Time Breakdown Charts. Analyzing your blocked time will show you what percentage of the time spent in your process states is actually blocked time. Learn more

3 Sep, 2020

Enable bi-weekly data grouping

Scrum teams can group their data bi-weekly and analyze how their performance changes on a sprint to sprint basis. Learn more

14 Aug, 2020

Performance optimization (Part 2)

With this performance optimization, we significantly reduced the data synchronization time when you create a new dashboard or update an existing one. Learn more

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