30 January, 2024

Executive Dashboard: Integrity & Performance

We have implemented two valuable enhancements to the Executive Dashboard. Now, the names of your dashboards are consistent in both the Team Dashboards view and the Executive Dashboard.

Additionally, we have significantly improved the loading speed of both your executive dashboard and executive report even further! Happy analyzing!

23 January, 2024

Monte Carlo Simulation in Wallboards

You can now save the start and end dates, as well as the number of items configured on your Monte Carlo Simulations in your dashboard views. You can then use that configuration to set up your Wallboards. Keep in mind that small deviations are common due to the various outcomes the simulation produces. Happy analyzing!

11 January, 2024

Executive Dashboard Release

Our exclusive Executive Dashboard is now available for everyone who wants to get a deeper insight in their processes and give it a try. You can start your free trial by clicking on the Executive Dashboard button.

executive dashboard release home

If this is your first time using our Executive Dashboard, you’ll be redirected to Configure page where you can choose which Dashboards to include in your reports.

executive dashboard release configure

Once configured, you are now ready to explore all features- charts, tables and reports available in the Executive Dashboard. You can easily switch back to your Team Dashboard by clicking the button.

executive dashboard release ed