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15 May, 2020

Azure DevOps: Split Columns on Your Kanban Board

Release notes - Azure DevOps: Split columns on your Kanban board

A lag often exists between when work gets moved into a column and when work starts. You can turn on split columns on your Kanban board in Azure DevOps to counter that lag and reveal the actual state of work in progress.

When split, each column contains two sub-columns, Doing and Done. Nave supports that concept now, and you're able to map and track your sub-columns to gain greater visibility into the number of items that sit idle at each state throughout your workflow.

8 May, 2020

Introducing the Due Date Performance Chart

Release notes - Introducing the Due Date Performance Chart

The Due Date Performance Chart will help you evaluate your due date performance by comparing the time between the start date and due date of a task with the actual time it took to deliver your work. It enables you to evaluate your ability to deliver on time.

For each work item, the Due Date Performance Chart visualizes the predicted time vs the actual cycle time and plots a regression line of your performance. The predicted time is calculated as the difference between your commitment point (the moment when the work entered your workflow) and the due date of the ticket, while your completion time is the difference between the same starting point and the ticket’s actual done date.

The line plotted through the chart is called a regression line. It runs roughly through the middle of all the data points. The slope of the line is the correlation between your estimated time and the actual time you spent finishing your work. It helps you assess the accuracy of your predictions and evaluate how efficiently your system is running.

The most important part of analyzing your due date performance is assessing whether your work has been delivered on time. The On-Time Delivery widget will display the percentage of times that you managed to deliver before your due date approached and how such trends have developed.