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17 Nov, 2020

Nave API: Enable CSV File Format Support

You can now automate the upload of your data by submitting CSV files.

This option will give you the flexibility to organize your data more precisely (which is particularly useful when you’re maintaining strict security policies).

To learn more about how to use our new API, please contact us at

11 Nov, 2020

Nave for File: Accumulate WIP Data

Nave for File: Accumulate WIP data

When you upload your data to Nave, you have a limit of 32MB per file. This means that, in order to upload a large volume of data, you have to split it into multiple files and upload them sequentially.

By default, with every new file upload, the old work in progress data is removed from our system. But now, you can use the ‘Accumulate WIP data’ flag to preserve that old data. This way, you can accumulate the work items in progress from multiple files.

We never delete any completed data in Nave. So, whether or not you keep your current WIP tasks will depend on whether the ‘Accumulate WIP data’ flag has been selected.

To learn more about the data structure we use, read the full article here

11 Nov, 2020

Wallboard Now Comes With Its Own Configuration

Wallboard now comes with its own configuration

We have introduced a dedicated ‘Dashboard view’ that can be selected on your Wallboard configuration page. You can now apply specific filters on your dashboards where they are being run on a big screen.

Go to your dashboard at Nave, configure your controls and filters, save them as a ‘Dashboard view’ and then link that view to your Wallboard.

6 Nov, 2020

Add an Overlay on the Cumulative Flow Diagram for Weekends

Add an overlay on the Cumulative Flow Diagram for weekends

Your Cumulative Flow Diagram will now show gray zones over the weekend days if you have enabled the ‘Exclude weekends’ option.

This feature allows you to focus on the impediments to your workflow during your working time. In doing so, when evaluating your performance, you can easily ignore the flat lines under the gray zones.

You can read more about the most common Cumulative Flow Diagram patterns here