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17 Sep, 2020

Enable Blocked Time on the Cycle Time Breakdown Chart

Release notes - Enable blocked time on the Cycle Time Breakdown chart

We have enabled blocked time tracking on your Cycle Time Breakdown Charts. Analyzing your blocked time will show you what percentage of the time spent in your process states is actually blocked time.

3 Sep, 2020

Enable BI-Weekly Data Grouping

Release notes - Enable bi-weekly data grouping

Scrum teams can group their data bi-weekly and analyze how their performance changes on a sprint to sprint basis.

Group by two weeks option is available on the Cycle Time Breakdown Chart, the Throughput Run Chart and the Throughput Histogram. Just select the first date of your a sprint from the date picker on the top and group your data selecting the "2 Weeks" option, and your data will arrange accordingly to show you how the trends have changed with each sprint.