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25 August, 2021

Visualize The % On the Bars in the Cycle Time Breakdown Chart and Throughput Run Chart

Visualize the precent on the bars

We believe it would be useful to have the percentages on the bars in both the Cycle Time Breakdown Chart and the Throughput Run Chart, so you can see how your performance is evolving over time in a glance.

Let’s say that the Throughput Run Chart is organized to represent value demand and failure demand. It would be helpful to analyze whether the value you deliver is increasing while failure demand is decreasing over time.

20 August, 2021

Hide the Status Filter on the Cycle Time Breakdown Chart, When an Option Different than Status Is Selected

Hide the Status Filter

On the Cycle Time Breakdown Chart, you have the flexibility to break down your data by status, priority, resolution or any other custom field available on your dashboard. The main goal of this feature is to enable blocker and defect clustering.

When a new item gets blocked, associate it with a custom field that lists blocker reasons. Once the card is unblocked, remove the custom field option from it.

The goal behind adding and removing a blocked reason to the card is to track the time that each task spends assigned with a certain blocker to be able to evaluate the impact blocked time has on your overall delivery time. You can then break down your cycle times by blocked reason to perform that analysis.

When you break down your data by status, you observe how much time your work spends per status in your workflow. When you break down your data by blocked reason, for example, you will see a breakdown of the times your work spent assigned with each blocked reason throughout the entire lifecycle of your card. The time spent in your statuses won’t be taken into account anymore.

To make this behavior explicit, we have hidden the status filter from your sidebar, when an option different than status is selected.