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31 Mar, 2021

Jira: Filter Inactive Members

When your team uses our dashboard for a while (especially as different people join and leave your team over time), your ‘Assignee’ list will grow exponentially.

Now, if a user has been deactivated from your Jira instance, they will be filtered out from our system too.

31 Mar, 2021

Jira Server: Enable Custom Field Support For Older Versions

We have detected that previous versions of Jira Server (v.8.11 and older) don’t support all of the API calls from the latest version of Jira Software. This previously caused the unavailability of certain custom fields on your dashboards.

So, we have enabled a fallback approach for these instances, in order to make sure that you can leverage the full potential of your dashboards.

10 Mar, 2021

Visualize the Name of the Users Who Manage Your Dashboards

Visualize The Name Of The Users Who Manage Your Dashboards

As the number of your dashboards grows over time, they become increasingly challenging to manage. It can be hard to figure out who is managing certain dashboards, or whether they are still in use at all.

So, under the list of your dashboards, we have added the name of the user who created or most recently updated a dashboard to help you manage your set of dashboards more effectively.

8 Mar, 2021

Introduce the Executive Dashboard

Our brand new initiative is now available for beta testing. It has been exclusively enabled for our beta testing group of customers.

The Executive dashboard will enable you to gain a high-level overview of all the dashboards available at Nave. It will help you evaluate the overall performance of your value stream and make data-driven strategic decisions. Contact us at to join our beta testing group.

1 Mar, 2021

Anonymize Your Data

Anonymize Your Data

We work with plenty of enterprises and companies that process sensitive information. Even though we have limited the amount of data that we store internally, we created a new feature to assist those who maintain strict security policies. You can now anonymize your data by excluding the names of the work items that we are collecting.

Once that option is selected, it can’t be changed by any user in your account. That way, you can have full confidence in the preservation of your data’s privacy.

The feature is available in Nave for Jira and Nave for File.

1 Mar, 2021

Jira: Enable Analysis on an Epic Level

Jira: Enable Analysis On An Epic Level

Do you need to perform an analysis on an Epic level? Go to ‘Edit Dashboard’ and enable the ‘Epic Link’ custom field. The names of the Epics will now show up in the filters section so you can analyze your performance per Epic, break down your data by Epic and make probabilistic forecasts per Epic. The sky is the limit!