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28 October, 2021

Users and Dashboards Admin Panel

users admin panel

You asked, we answered! You can now better control your workspace and license usage with the users and dashboards admin panel. We list your dashboards creation dates, when a dashboard was last accessed (to figure out whether it has become obsolete), when users have joined your account, when they were last active, the number of boards managed by each user and so much more! We’ve enabled bulk permissions update, full access and read-only access to all of your dashboards as well.

You can access it using the Users management section under your profile icons.

14 October, 2021

Your Blocked Time is Now Available in Your CSV Export

csv blocked time

We’ve included additional columns in your CSV export file to list the time your work spent blocked in your process states.

You can now use that data to build custom reports and analyze how the blockers in your workflow affect your performance.

07 October, 2021

Multiple Done Statuses Available in the Due Date Performance Chart

Multiple done statuses in DDP chart

Our system was used to calculate the end date value in the Due Date Performance Chart as the last Done status change.

However, in Kanban you might have various commitment points hence your due date might vary accordingly. It is not always the case where the due date reflects Done in the end-to-end delivery lifecycle. For example, It might be "Release Ready" status defined as Done of your System Lead Time.

That’s why we enabled the option to change the end date to any of the Done statuses you have mapped on your dashboard, so you can define the status that should be considered as final for your due date performance calculation.

The “Done Status” control is only available for dashboards with more than Done status.