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8 Feb, 2022

Fixed Start and End Date or a Rolling Period?

fixed start date

When your dashboards have a date range that ends 'today', then the entire period will increase by 1 day over time (both Start Date and End Date will move on a daily basis).

Now, you have the flexibility to set either a fixed default or non-default timespan or enable a rolling period.

Use the “Fix start date” and “Fix end date” checkboxes at the bottom of your date picker to set your preferences.

3 Feb, 2022

Enable the Option to Edit Dashboard Name

edit dashboard name

You can now change your dashboard names at Nave. Just head on to your “Edit dashboard” page, modify the name and click the “Update dashboard” button.

On your dashboard overview page, you will also see the name of your board in Jira (if you’ve changed your dashboard name) so you can easily make the association.

1 Feb, 2022

You Can Now Disable the Priorities Filter on Your Dashboards

disable labels

If you don’t use the “Priorities” default option on your boards in Jira, you now have the option to disable them from your filters.

Simply go to the “Edit dashboard” page, deselect “Priority” from the custom field dropdown and click the Update dashboard button.