Release Notes

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26 October, 2023

Enhancement to the Cycle Time Details panel in the Aging Chart

We introduce an enhancement to the Cycle Time Details panel in the Aging Chart, ensuring that it will remain consistently visible on the screen, regardless of its placement. This visibility persists when interacting with the WIP and WIP Average Age cards. This enhancement prevents the Cycle Time Details panel from being hidden beneath the panels on the left and right resulting in a seamless user experience.

enhancement to the cycle time details panel in the aging chart

19 October, 2023

Visualize the number of items in each bar in Throughput Run Chart percentage view

In the Throughput Run Chart, we've made a valuable improvement. Now, when you enable the percentage view, you'll see the actual number of cards alongside each colored bar. This addition provides quick insights, eliminating the need to rely solely on the Throughput Breakdown pie chart for card count information.

visualize the number of items in each bar in throughput run chart percentage view

6 October, 2023

A Major Executive Dashboard Update

We’ve just introduced two new widgets, "WIP Trend" and "WIP Age Trend" to enable you to track how your work in progress trends build over time.

We’ve also added the ability to toggle between your overall trend and trends for different dashboards by clicking the icon in the top-left corner of the widget.

a major executive dashboard update

The report is now expanded with "Flow Efficiency," "WIP Age" and "WIP Trend" metrics to enable you to measure your improvement efforts throughout ALL of your flow metrics.

In that report, metrics such as "Cycle Time," "Average Throughput," "WIP Trend”, "WIP Age," and "Flow Efficiency" each have their own separate table.

a major executive dashboard update second

We’ve added a new control for "Group by" period selection in the Report, which allows you to compare your teams weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly performance.