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We help you increase your performance, identify problems with ease and focus on improving workflow efficiency.

Dashboard for Jira

Build better software.

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Dashboard for Trello

Take workflow management to a whole new level.

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Dashboard for Azure DevOps

See the big picture. Evolve as you grow.

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Dashboard for Asana

Empower a culture of trust, respect and shared leadership.

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Get actionable insights from your Kanban board data

real-time dashboards

Advanced Kanban Charts

We have enhanced the ordinary analytical charts for Kanban teams that aim for the extraordinary.

real-time dashboards

Complete Historical Data

We sync all Kanban data from the date of board creation so you can analyze your past performance from the very beginning!

real-time dashboards

A Truly Unlimited Access

Bring as many people on board as you want. Everyone will be granted access to Nave so that you can improve and evolve together.

real-time dashboards

Optimal User Experience

We cherish your time, that's why we have designed state-of-the-art user experience. Nave gets you straight to the essence of your data!

real-time dashboards

Real-time Synchronization

See your progress in real time! Data is synced automatically so any changes in your Kanban board are instantly reflected in your graphs.

real-time dashboards

Tailored to Your Business Needs

Pick between four pricing plans - Jet Ski, Speedboat, Yacht and Cruise Ship. You get to choose the way you navigate your flow.