Throughput Histogram for Trello

Assess your throughput distribution. Consider capacity alongside demand. Gauge your team capability.

throughput histogram for trello
throughput histogram for trello - assess your throughput distribution

Assess Your Throughput Distribution

Throughput measures the rate that you complete work over a certain time frame. The Throughput Histogram for Trello not only shows the shape of your throughput frequency distribution but it reveals main information about your dataset, such as the median value, the width of spread and the overall distribution of your finished work.

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Pro Tip

Using the Throughput Histogram for Trello to track your throughput enables you to evaluate your team’s capacity to deliver.

throughput histogram for trello - gauge your team capability mobile

Gauge Your Team Capability

With the Throughput Histogram for Trello, you can assess your team performance by tracking the average number of tasks completed on a day, week or month.

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Your average throughput values represent your ability to deliver results. Within a dataset containing plenty of outliers, the mean will be skewed up or down. In this case, instead, use the median value to measure your team’s performance.

throughput histogram for trello - gauge your team capability
throughput histogram for trello - take out zero throughput values

Take Out Zero Throughput Values

The Throughput Histogram for Trello provides the option of excluding your throughput zero values due to non-work days like weekends, public holidays or vacations.

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It is useful to be aware of the average throughput calculated both with and without weekend values. Including the weekend lows give you an accurate throughput value to calculate over longer periods of time while leaving them out will give you a more accurate throughput average for a typical business day.

throughput histogram for trello - consider capacity alongside demand mobile

Consider Capacity Alongside Demand

The percentile lines visualize your past performance data. Use them to specify the number of tasks you can commit to on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and the probability that comes with that commitment being fulfilled.

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Pro Tip

Use your throughput performance metrics to make short term commitments. Don’t forget that every goal comes with the certainty level of your team meeting that goal.

throughput histogram for trello - consider capacity alongside demand
throughput histogram for trello - evaluate your performance trends

Evaluate Your Performance Trends

The ‘Throughput Averages’ widget shows your throughput mean, median and mode values to track trends in your team delivery rates and how they build over time. Ideally, the lines should increase smoothly while remaining close together.

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Pro Tip

Choose your average and track its line profile! A decreasing gradient means that your team is delivering less value. Make sure you have WIP limits in place to prevent bottlenecks and enable a smooth flow of work.

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