Change Leadership Masterclass Review

Change Leadership Masterclass Review: Practical, Evidence-Based Guidance on Disrupting the Status Quo

Learning how to deal with resistance, excuses and setbacks when leading a change in an organization. Hundreds of thousands of flickering oil lamps lit during India’s biggest holiday, Diwali, cast a mellow glow over the streets, steps and city squares to mark a year of rebirth, triumph, and new beginnings. But this October, the joint prayers, gift exchanges, and mouth-watering feasts won’t be accompanied by firework displays; their sale during the five-day festival has been restricted by the government amid…

Fit for Purpose

Fit for Purpose Class Review: Product and Service Improvement for Survival & Success

As the European heatwave sets new temperature records across the continent, Spaniards know how to cool themselves. The country’s favorite cocktails, Leche de Pantera, Sangria, Agua de Valencia and Calimocho are refreshing, delicious and just the thing you need when the sun is at its highest. Truly fit for purpose. Is your business fit for purpose? Do you know who your customers are, what they want and need? More importantly, are you keeping a finger on your customers’ pulse and…