You asked and we’ve delivered; Jira Software teams can now use Nave to optimize their software development processes.

If you use Jira Server to manage your workflow, and your instance is not exposed publicly, or you just prefer to control the data that you upload to the cloud for security reasons, please follow our guidelines on how to load your data using JSON or CSV file.

Here is our three-step guide to configuring Nave with Jira quickly and easily.

Step 1:

Log into your Jira Software as a user with ‘Jira Administrator’ permissions.

Users without ‘Jira Administrator’ access rights can still use our platform after the configuration is set up. Just keep in mind that when they create new dashboards, your data won’t sync in real-time but once per hour instead.

Choose Products from the Settings menu.

Linking Nave with Jira - Products

Then click on Application links.

Linking Nave with Jira - Application Links

You’ll be asked to enter the application link – type in and click on Create new link.

Linking Nave with Jira - Application Link Created

On the warning Configure Application URL popup, click Continue. 

Linking Nave with Jira - Configure Application URL

Step 2:

When configuring the application URL, Jira will ask you to name your application and select its type. Enter Nave as application name and pick Generic Application from the drop-down menu. Leave the rest of the fields empty.

Linking Nave with Jira - Name Application

Click on Continueand a pop-up window will appear processing your request. It may take a few seconds before your application link has been created. Here’s how a successful application link should look like:

Linking Nave with Jira - Successful Application Link

Step 3:

Now that your link has been created, click on the pencil icon to edit the configuration.

Linking Nave with Jira - Edit Application Link

Go to Incoming Authentication.

Linking Nave with Jira - Incoming Authentication

Here, you’ll need to enter the final details. Make sure you don’t leave any empty spaces.

Enter your Consumer Key : IrNxlWgZ

For the Consumer Name, type Nave

Linking Nave with Jira - Consumer Key

Scroll down to paste your Public Key:


As well as your Consumer Callback URL:

Linking Nave with Jira - Public Key

Save and Close your configuration.

To login in Nave, visit , enter your Jira host URL and click Log in with JIRA. May you enjoy a smoother, more efficient flow of work.

Linking Nave with Jira

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