Dashboard for Azure DevOps

Unleash your potential with Kanban dashboards for Azure DevOps

Cumulative Flow Diagram
for Azure DevOps

Spot bottlenecks at a glimpse. LEARN MORE

cumulative flow diagram for azure devops

Cycle Time Scatterplot
for Azure DevOps

Track, predict and improve your delivery times. LEARN MORE

cycle time scatterplot for azure devops

Cycle Time Breakdown Chart
for Azure DevOps

Assess your cycle time breakdown. LEARN MORE

cycle time breakdown for azure devops

Cycle Time Histogram
for Azure DevOps

See how your cycle times are distributed over time. LEARN MORE

cycle time histogram for azure devops

Aging Chart
for Azure DevOps

Examine your flow of tasks and pinpoint delays. LEARN MORE

aging chart for azure devops

Throughput Run Chart
for Azure DevOps

Monitor your productivity. LEARN MORE

throughput chart for azure devops

Throughput Histogram
for Azure DevOps

Optimize your team performance. LEARN MORE

throughput histogram for azure devops

Flow Efficiency Chart
for Azure DevOps

Evaluate the efficiency of your workflow. LEARN MORE

flow efficiency chart for azure devops

Due Date Performance Chart for Azure DevOps

Monitor your due date performance. LEARN MORE

due date performance chart for azure devops

Monte Carlo: Delivery Date
for Azure DevOps

Forecast the dates a number of tasks will be completed.

monte carlo delivery date for azure devops

Monte Carlo: Number of Tasks
for Azure DevOps

Forecast how many items can be completed within a certain timeframe.

monte carlo number of tasks for azure devops

Get straight to the essence of your Azure board data

real-time dashboards

Advanced Kanban Analytics

Analyze your processes with our immersive data-visualization tools. Essential Kanban analytics in one place.

real-time dashboards

Live Synchronisation

Your progress is visible in real time. When there's a change made to your Azure board, Nave will automatically sync it across your graphs.

real-time dashboards

Plans for All Business Sizes

Flexible pricing plans based on the number of Azure boards you sync with Nave.

real-time dashboards

Complete Data History

Nave syncs all your Azure board data, from start to finish. Analyze your performance from the very beginning.

real-time dashboards

Full Access for Everyone

With Nave, you're free to bring as many team members on board as you wish. Experience the full freedom of collaborative improvement.

real-time dashboards

Superior User Experience

We want you to experience Nave in its full glow. That's why we've designed a state-of-the-art user interface that gets you straight to the essence of your data.

Help your team reach their full potential with Nave!

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