Cycle Time Histogram for ZenHub

Evaluate your cycle time distribution. Produce accurate delivery forecasts. Observe your delivery performance.

cycle time histogram for zenhub
cycle time histogram for zenhub - evaluate your cycle time frequency distribution

Evaluate Your Cycle Time Frequency Distribution

The Cycle Time Histogram for ZenHub shows the frequency distribution of the completion times of the issues in your workflow. The vertical axis displays a frequency, and your cycle times are plotted on the horizontal axis. By analyzing the frequency distribution of your cycle times, you can assess the level of variability in your process.

pro tip
Pro Tip

A Cycle Time Histogram with a big hump on the left and a very long tail to the right illustrates cycle times with a high level of variability. This is a key indicator of an inconsistent process. To work towards more dependable delivery times, consider establishing a WIP-limited pull system.

cycle time histogram for zenhub - produce accurate delivery forecasts mobile

Produce Accurate Delivery Forecasts

The Cycle Time Histogram for ZenHub uses past cycle time data to forecast your future delivery times. The percentile lines show the likelihood of a task being completed within a certain cycle time. The higher the percentile lines, the more likely it is that you can deliver your work on time.

pro tip
Pro Tip

Use the percentile lines to define your service level agreements. Discuss the different levels of confidence with your clients and stakeholders, in order to create your SLAs using their optimum comfort level as a basis. We would suggest that you begin by using the 85th percentile line.

cycle time histogram for zenhub - produce accurate delivery forecasts
cycle time histogram for zenhub - observe your delivery performance

Observe Your Delivery Performance

Your average cycle time is an indicator of your performance. With the Cycle Time Histogram for ZenHub, you can see your mean, median and mode average cycle times, alongside the way their trends build over time. Ideally, the lines should stay close together, while either remaining at an even rate or steadily dropping.

pro tip
Pro Tip

Select your average and observe its line profile! If the line rises, this indicates that your team needs more time, on average, to finish their issues. In this case, we would recommend to either reevaluate your WIP limits, or alter your process policies. This is the key to establishing a faster delivery workflow.

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