Throughput Histogram for ZenHub

Track your throughput distribution. Analyze your team capability. Align demand with capacity.

throughput histogram for zenhub
throughput histogram for zenhub - track your throughput distribution

Track Your Throughput Distribution

Throughput tracks the number of issues your team delivers on a specific time frame. The Throughput Histogram for ZenHub maps out your throughput frequency distribution. It reveals key information about your dataset, such as the median value, the width of spread and the overall distribution of your completed work.

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Pro Tip

Tracking throughput using the Throughput Histogram for ZenHub will help you assess your team capacity to deliver results.

throughput histogram for zenhub - analyze your team capability mobile

Analyze Your Team Capability

With the Throughput Histogram for ZenHub, you are able to track your team performance by evaluating the average number of issues that were delivered during a day, week or month.

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Your average throughput is a representation of your capacity to deliver results. In a dataset with a number of outlier values, the mean will be skewed up or down. If you notice this pattern, use the median value to analyze your team’s performance.

throughput histogram for zenhub - analyze your team capability
throughput histogram for zenhub - exclude zero throughput values

Exclude Zero Throughput Values

In the Throughput Histogram for ZenHub, you have the flexibility to exclude the appearance of zero values due to non-work days – such as weekends or public holidays.

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Pro Tip

Measure the average throughput calculated both with and without weekend values. By including the weekend lows, you can accurately identify trends in your throughput over longer periods. If you remove the zero values you can gain a better understanding of your throughput average for a standard working day.

throughput histogram for zenhub - align demand with capacity mobile

Align Demand with Capacity

The percentile lines represent your past delivery rates. You can use them to define the number of issues you commit to and the likelihood of that commitment being met.

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Pro Tip

Use your throughput performance metrics to perform short term commitments. Use the certainty level that is provided with each forecast to set realistic expectations.

throughput histogram for zenhub - align demand with capacity
throughput histogram for zenhub - track your performance trends

Track Your Performance Trends

The ‘Throughput Averages’ widget shows your throughput mean, median and mode values, in order to help you track the trends in your team delivery rates over time. Ideally, you should see the lines rising while staying close to each other.

pro tip
Pro Tip

Choose your average and watch its line profile. If the gradient declines, this indicates that you are delivering less value. To rectify this pattern, consider reducing your WIP limits to prevent bottlenecks and enable your work flow smoothly.

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