Throughput Run Chart

Track how much work you deliver. Monitor your throughput trends. Analyze the breakdown of your completed work.

throughput run chart
throughput run chart - track how much work you deliver

Track How Much Work You Deliver

Throughput measures the number of tasks delivered on a certain day, week or month. The Throughput Run Chart displays the throughput of your team for a specific time frame. The horizontal axis represents a timeline, while the vertical axis shows your throughput. Each bar consists of colored sections representing the type of completed work.

pro tip
Pro Tip

We recommend monitoring your throughput on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, to make sure you deliver work in a stable and predictable manner.

throughput run chart - monitor your throughput trends mobile

Monitor Your Throughput Trends

The dotted green line stretching across the graph is your throughput trendline. It uses polynomial regression to plot how your throughput trends have been moving over the selected time period.

pro tip
Pro Tip

If the trendline goes down, this means that your team is struggling to deliver results. The first thing to look at is your work in progress. Reduce your WIP limits and focus the team’s attention on any specific problem areas.

throughput run chart - monitor your throughput trends
throughput run chart - analyze the breakdown of your completed work

Analyze the Breakdown of Your Completed Work

The ‘Throughput Breakdown’ widget above the graph helps you evaluate what type of requests are demanding the most of the time. Each colored section displays the type of your work and what percentage of the total completed work it represents.

pro tip
Pro Tip

The ‘Throughput Breakdown’ widget is especially effective when you want to emphasize the high volume of expedite requests you’re handling.

throughput run chart - evaluate how throughput rates build over time mobile

Evaluate How Throughput Rates Build over Time

The ‘Throughput’ widget shows how much work has been delivered within the selected time frame in total. It also visualizes how your throughput rates have developed over time. Ideally, the line should stay even or increase smoothly.

pro tip
Pro Tip

Watch out for decreases in the throughput line! This indicates bottlenecks preventing your team from delivering consistently.

throughput run chart - evaluate how throughput rates build over time

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