Kanban Analytics Power-Up for Trello

With the Nave Power-Up, you'll see beyond your Trello boards. Analyze your workflow,
identify bottlenecks and take your team's productivity to new heights.

Kanban Analytics Power-Up for Trello
Get Started in Seconds

Get Started in Seconds

Get Nave Power-Up for your Trello board and watch your visual charts come to life. Nave seamlessly integrates with your board and builds visual analytics tools over its complete history.

Get Started in Seconds
One Power-Up. Multiple Charts

One Power-Up. Multiple Charts

Nave helps you evaluate and refine your workflows. Track your work in progress, make data-driven forecasts, and boost your team's efficiency with the help of our industry-enhanced analytics tools.

Filter at Will

Filter at Will

Filter by specific Trello lists, labels, or team members. There are no limits to how deep you can dig into your data.

Filter at Will Filter at Will

How to Enable the Nave Power-Up in Trello?

Why Nave?

unlimited dashboards

Unlimited Users

With our full access, you're free to bring everyone on board. No one is left behind on your way to collaborative improvement.

flexible pricing model

A Plan That Fits Your Needs

Whether you're a start-up or an enterprise, there's a fitting plan for you. Navigate your flow with a Jet Ski, Speedboat, Yacht or Cruise Ship plans.

past and present data

Past & Present Data

Nave syncs all of your Trello data, from the moment your board was created, to date. That means you can analyze your progress from the very beginning.

optimal user experience

Optimal User Experience

Seamlessly switch between our charts. Analyze your progress from all points of view. Data analysis has never felt this effortless.

real-time synchronisation

Real-time Synchronization

Visualize your progress in real time! Nave automatically updates your charts as soon as there's a change in your Trello board.

guidance, every step of the Way

With You All Along

Finding it hard to make sense of your data? If you're after food for thought, consider our blog your all-you-can-eat buffet. From the very first steps, we're here for you.

Gain actionable insights without ever leaving Trello!

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